Hong Kong Student's Visit to and Internship at Beijing MTR

Date: May to September 2017
Location: Beijing
Organisation: Hong Kong Association of China Business

The programme will provide an opportunity for Hong Kong students studying in Beijing to visit the Beijing MTR with a view to learning more about the development and achievements of Hong Kong brand enterprises in the Mainland since Hong Kong's return to the Motherland. It aims at encouraging Hong Kong students to participate actively in the in-depth integration of Hong Kong with the Mainland and their complementing each other, and to grasp the opportunities for developing in the Mainland with the advantages under "One country, two systems". It also aims to enable the youngsters of Hong Kong to better understand the country and make due contributions to the development of the country. The programme will also provide summer internship opportunities at the Beijing MTR for Hong Kong students to enable them to have working experience in Beijing and experience the various opportunities of Hong Kong arising from its return to the Motherland.

Visit to and Internship at Beijing MTR