"Celebration! Loving Hong Kong" Brand Festival in Beijing

Date: 27 June to 2 July 2017
Location: National Agriculture Exhibition Center
Organisation: Hong Kong Brand Development Council

With unique properties and values, "Hong Kong Brand" is one of the cornerstones underpinning the City's competitiveness as well as an intangible asset that makes Hong Kong proud. Since the establishment of the HKSAR, Hong Kong brands have embarked on an unprecedented "golden age" with ample room for growth and thrive. Under the sponsorship of the "BUD Fund" by the HKSAR Government, the Hong Kong Brand Development Council and the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong join hands to present "Celebration! Loving Hong Kong" Brand Festival in Beijing Serial Activities (also referred as "Hong Kong Brand Festival‧Beijing"), centering on the theme of "Happy Birthday to Hong Kong, Shining Brands in Beijing". This Project is a concerted action of Hong Kong business communities to pay tribute to the 20th anniversary of HKSAR.

By lining up a series of events and promotional campaigns in Beijing including "Celebration! The Parade of Hong Kong Brands" showcase, "Branding: To Do Hong Kong Proud" image display, performances and entertaining programmes, etc., it aims to promote the collective image of Hong Kong brands, while opening up a window to illustrate the enviable economic achievements of Hong Kong and to demonstrate the cohesion and patriotic spirits of our industries. "Celebration! The Parade of Hong Kong Brands" is a well-decorated exhibition zone to display the representative products and information of around 100 Hong Kong brands, about 300 products with strong innovation, design, or cultural elements. The exhibition zone will serve as a window to illustrate the stylish, enterprising, culturally-sophisticated and superior image of Hong Kong brands and disseminate the message of "Loving Brand, Loving Hong Kong".

By assembling around 20 indigenous brands founded at different historical phases that epitomise the developmental trajectory of Hong Kong economy, "Branding: To Do Hong Kong Proud" image display not only presents an intriguing review of the success stories of Hong Kong's original brands, but also creates a time tunnel taking visitors on an excursion to revisit the heritage and evolution of Hong Kong brands and to appreciate the enviable economic achievements that Hong Kong has made especially since its return to the Motherland. A series of stage performances with "Hong Kong flavor" and entertaining programmes are to be lined up at the Expo venue, scattering over the exhibition period, in an attempt to demonstrate the diversity and lifestyle-orientation of Hong Kong brands while enhancing the participation and enjoyment of the visitors, while creating a festive and joyful ambience to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of HKSAR.

“Celebration Loving Hong Kong