Youths' Leadership Training Programme of Beijing and Hong Kong 2017

Date: 30 June to 6 July 2017
Location: Beijing
Organisation: Hong Kong Professionals (Beijing) Association

To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hong Kong's return to the Motherland, Hong Kong Professional (Beijing) Association, Figure China Education Exchange Association, and University of Science and Technology Beijing collaborate to hold the "Youths' Leadership Training Programme of Beijing and Hong Kong 2017". Beijing is a charming city which attracts the talents of the country and the world to live and work here. It has profound historical and cultural background and on the other hand the most advanced technology of innovation. The programme will be held in Beijing. It will invite 85 young people from Hong Kong and 85 from Beijing to join the programme in Beijing to experience the developments of the Mainland from different aspects. Afterward, 24 teenagers of Beijing will be invited to visit Hong Kong.

The exchange programme will include diversified activities, such as cultural exploring, city hunting, entrepreneurial challenge, and charity event planning. It aims to provide a good opportunity for youngsters from Hong Kong and Beijing to better understand the culture and the lift style of both the cities so as to foster their mutual understanding and mutual respect. The programme also aims to enable the youngsters from Hong Kong to better understand the latest development and the achievements of the Mainland and enhance their national identity and national pride. Moreover, the programme will provide training to the youngsters on leadership and inspire them on how to link together their own personal growth with the national development with a view to shouldering more responsibilities towards the long-term development vision of Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Youths' Leadership Training Programme