Entering Hong Kong to Establish or Join in Business

Any person who wishes to enter Hong Kong to establish or join in business under the General Employment Policy is required to obtain a visa/entry permit before coming to Hong Kong.

  1. An application for a visa/entry permit to enter Hong Kong to establish or join in business may be favourably considered if:
    1. there is no security objection and no known record of serious crime in respect of the applicant;
    2. the applicant has a good education background, normally a first degree in the relevant field, but in special circumstances, good technical qualifications, proven professional abilities and/or relevant experience and achievements supported by documentary evidence may also be accepted; and
    3. the applicant is in a position to make substantial contribution to the economy of Hong Kong.
  2. Overseas Chinese nationals holding People's Republic of China passports who meet the criteria stipulated above and normal immigration requirements may apply for entry to establish or join in business under the General Employment Policy if:
    1. the applicant has permanent residence overseas; or
    2. the applicant has been residing overseas for at least one year immediately before the submission of application ("overseas" means places outside the Mainland, the Macao SAR and HKSAR) and that the application is submitted from overseas.
  3. This entry arrangement does not apply to:
    1. Chinese residents of the Mainland; and
    2. Nationals of Afghanistan, Cuba, Laos, Korea (Democratic People's Republic of), Nepal and Vietnam.

For detailed information, please refer to the following links of the Immigration Department of Hong Kong:

Important Message: The Government has announced that the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme would be suspended with effect from 15 January 2015 until further notice. The Immigration Department will continue to process applications received on or before 14 January 2015, whether already approved (including approval-in-principle and formal approval) or still being processed. For details and FAQs, please click here.