To reach out to audiences in all the 31 provinces/municipalities/regions on the Mainland, the Beijing Office has collaborated with Channel 1 of China National Radio (CNR) to produce a radio programme "Exploring Hong Kong" since 2006. The programme carries weekly news updates on Hong Kong's political, economic and social landscapes with real-time interaction with the audience.

"Exploring Hong Kong" is broadcast on CNR Channel 1 from 12:42 to 12:52 every Saturday. The broadcast frequency in different cities is as follows:

City Frequency City Frequency
Beijing: FM106.1 Qingdao: FM93.1
Tianjin: FM102.9 Nanchang: FM89.1
Shanghai: FM99.0 Xiamen: FM102.6
Chongqing: FM95.2 Yinchuan: FM96.4
Guangzhou: FM89.3 Zhengzhou: FM101.2
Changchun: FM99.1 Hefei: FM93.5
Shenyang: FM94.8 Wuhan: FM95.6
Dalian: FM107.8 Nanjing: FM95.8
Hangzhou: FM90.2 Xining: FM91.6
Changsha: FM95.0 Lanzhou: FM94.8
Xi'an: FM96.4 Lhasa: FM89.2
Fuzhou: FM93.5 Kunming: AM1008
Nanning: FM106.2 Chengdu: FM103.7
Harbin: FM89.9 Guiyang: FM93.6
Shijiazhuang: FM95.6 Zhuhai: FM99.1
Huhhot: FM97.1 Beihai: FM102.5
Urumqi: FM88.7 Daqing: FM103.9
Ningbo: FM95.7 Baoding: FM98.3
Taiyuan: FM97.0 Tangshan: FM93.2
Shenzhen: FM95.8 Nanping: FM99.8
Haikou: FM105.8 Changde: FM94.7
Jinan: FM89.8


To listen to the radio programme (Chinese only), click on :