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Press Releases


18 Dec

Transcript of remarks by CE at media session in Beijing (with photos/videos)

17 Dec

Transcript of remarks by CE at media session in Beijing (with photos/video)

17 Dec

SFST to visit Beijing

17 Dec

SCED to visit Beijing

17 Dec

STH to visit Beijing

12 Dec

CE on duty visit to Beijing

5 Nov

FS continues visit to Beijing (with photos)

4 Nov

FS arrives in Beijing for visit (with photos)

1 Nov

FS to visit Beijing

24 Oct

SJ meets with Procurator-General of Supreme People's Procuratorate and Deputy DG of Department of International Economic Affairs of MFA (with photos)

23 Oct

Secretary for Justice meets with Vice Mayor of Tianjin (with photos)

21 Oct

Secretary for Justice to visit Beijing and Tianjin

21 Oct

Immigration Division of Chengdu Economic and Trade Office begins operation

21 Oct

SEN to visit Beijing

18 Oct

CE to visit Beijing

14 Oct

STH to visit Beijing

30 Sep

SED meets with Vice Minister of Education in Beijing (with photos)

29 Sep

SED continues official visit to Beijing (with photos)

28 Sep

SED and education delegation visit Tianjin (with photos)

27 Sep

SED and HK education delegation visit Beijing for professional exchanges (with photos)

24 Sep

SED to visit Shanghai, Beijing and Tianjin

19 Sep

Under Secretaries and Political Assistants to visit Beijing and Hubei for study and visit programme

12 Sep

Collaboration agreement signed on inspection and quarantine of Hong Kong race horses transported between Hong Kong and Guangzhou (with photos)

11 Sep

SFH to visit Beijing

1 Sep

HK Disciplined Services Exchange Delegation visits Beijing and Tianjin

29 Aug

Supplement X to CEPA marks further step towards liberalisation of trade in services between Mainland and Hong Kong (with photos)

28 Aug

SHA to depart for Shenyang to attend 12th National Games

21 Aug

SLW on Beijing visit to exchange views on labour and welfare issues (with photos)

20 Aug

SLW starts visit in Beijing (with photos)

19 Aug

SLW to visit Beijing

9 Aug

SFH to visit Beijing

5 Aug

Invest Hong Kong encourages northeast Mainland Chinesecompanies to go global via Hong Kong (with photo)

24 Jul

SHA visits Hong Kong youths participating in internship programme in Beijing (with photos)

23 Jul

SHA exchanges views with uniformed groups in Beijing (with photo)

22 Jul

Secretary for Home Affairs to visit Beijing

21 Jul

SFST to visit Beijing

21 Jul

SDEV to attend Cross Straits, Hong Kong and Macao Symposium on Reuse of Architectural Heritage in Tianjin

17 Jul

Arrangements on obstetric services for Mainland expectant mothers married to Hong Kong residents from 2014 onwards

17 Jul

SCED to visit Beijing

16 Jul

CJ to visit Beijing

28 Jun

SJ begins visit in Beijing(with photos)

25 Jun

SJ to attend Asia Pacific Regional Arbitration Group Conference in Beijing

10 May

Beijing Office launches "Hong Kong - Asia's world city" roving exhibitions (with photos)

3 May

SCMA to lead delegation to Beijing

2 May

SFH to visit Beijing

26 Apr

Transcript of remarks by CE (with photos/videos)

23 Apr

SCMA to visit Beijing

23 Apr

CE to visit Beijing

23 Apr

More than 480 events for "Hong Kong: Our Home" Campaign (with photos)

19 Apr

Secretary for Justice to visit Beijing

17 Apr

Invest Hong Kong encourages Henan enterprises to "go global" (with photo)

16 Apr

SHA explores Mainland internship opportunities for Hong Kong youth (with photos)

15 Apr

SHA visits Ministry of Culture and State General Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television (with photos)

12 Apr

Secretary for Home Affairs to visit Beijing

14 Mar

SCMA to visit Beijing and Tianjin

14 Mar

CE to visit Beijing and Tianjin

6 Mar

Transcript of remarks by CE at media session in Beijing (with photo/videos)

1 Mar

CE to attend NPC swssion opening ceremony

21 Feb

CS attends inter-ministries joint conference on Qianhai in Beijing